A new way of seeing juggling. These juggling objects can be precisely programmed to display text, graphics and logos as they are spun by the performers – this makes them perfect for custom performances. A typical branded performance would include a logo routine as the finale of the show, displaying numerous colourful patterns. As the music builds to the crescendo, the client’s choice of logo or text appears. The effect is completely breathtaking. It is programmed to display logos. Branded shows have been performed for: Aegis, Arts & Business, Best of the Best Awards, Best Workplace Awards, BMW, Bombardier, City.People.Light, Dockers, Dubai Financial Market, Ernst and Young, HWK, Knight Frank, Levi’s, Mercedes, Mini, Parkvale Property Group, Philips, SAP, Scout Association, Singtel, Smart, Techfest, Technorama, Traxx DC, Trevor Sorbie, Volkswagen, Warid Telecom. They typically request one week’s notice for custom-programming although short notice bookings may still be possible. As the graphics displayed are pixelated, high resolution artwork is not necessary – any image file of the logo may be sent to them. The displayed graphic will be a recognisable representation of the original logo rather than a verbatim copy. For text programming, the shorter the message, the more clearly visible it will be – ideally just one or two words.