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Sexy hula hoop

A sexy performer who has two different style of hula hoop act. One more traditional and the other one playing with lights.

Valerie cyr wheel

Valérie Inertie is a multidisciplinary artist who defines herself by the aestheticism, fluidity and power of her movements. Her Roue Cyr number transports the audience through constant floating and endless rotation, hypnotizing them and making them lose all sense of gravity… A true dive into the meeting place of strength, agility, precision and grace.

Sexy contortionist

Everything you love about contortion: a sexy girl and all technical tricks in contortion. The finale is exceptional as she uses a bow and arrow with her feet!

Pole twins

The pole twins, are two amazing pole artists who will impress you with their skills and the togetherness they share while performing their act.

Lights and logo juggling

A new way of seeing juggling. These juggling objects can be precisely programmed to display text, graphics and logos as they are spun by the performers – this makes them perfect for custom performances. A typical branded performance would include a logo routine as the finale of the show, displaying numerous colourful patterns. As the music builds to the […]

Once upon the air

Not only does this performer impress us with his talents and skills. With this act a story is told : starting on the ground and going up in the air…

Duo Flame

Discovered by the public on the television show “Ukraine’s Got Talent”, this duo will astonish you.